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True Irony is Getting Married


It’s actually been in the open for a week now, but I am getting married at the end of next year. Seems far away but I need time to plan, and I know it’ll go too quickly.



True Irony is Family, And a Little Nostalgia

(With much love and respect guys…)

I’m visiting my family this week.

It’d be so awesome to say “I’m home for the week” but I’m not. Aside from the fact that my mum moved from her place, my childhood home, to her brother’s farm, I’ve been living on my own for close to five years. The only way I remember it’s five is because I’ve been invited to my high school class’s reunion. So it’s not reeeeally home anymore, though it is a good base to have.

I love my family, and I’ve had such a good relationship with all of them throughout my life that it’s really hard to contemplate what NOT having siblings, cousins, grandparents and so on would be like.¬†They form a strong web below me and I’m thoroughly grateful to them for everything, through everything I’ve done.

However, they still manage to drive me nutts, and yes, that’s with two T’s, and if you get the joke then well done you.

I’ve come to realise that as the oldest of all of them – I have one brother, three first cousins here and another two overseas – I don’t really fit in anymore.

It’s so easy to tell them that I’ve been thirteen, seventeen, twenty, and that I can understand them if they need my help. But it’s too easy to become wrapped up in my newly adult life and not be in touch. Not even Facebook helps, on certain days. And slowly I become separated. And even when I visit, I’m not one of the group anymore. I have a degree, and a job, and I (mostly) pay my own way in the world, and this makes me a Grown Up and therefore Not One Of The Group. Even though I’ve not known how to handle myself my first time drinking, or have had the petty squabbles high schoolers are so fond of.

I’m not far enough away to be a novelty for everyone to hang around when I do visit, but I don’t visit often enough to be included in anything anyone does without some level of awkward and misguided conversation. (It is so bloody hard to ask a girl about her boyfriend if she’s seven years younger than you…)

I think I need to either live next door to them, or live on the other side of the country… Half an hour’s drive just doesn’t cut it…

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