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True Irony Interacts With Coffee

WEEEELL, did I not have the best day ever on Monday! And I’m being sarcastic.

To clarify or perhaps begin, I love coffee. Good coffee is manna from heaven, and so much more. And even plastic-y instant gets me excited if I haven’t had caffiene in a while (read, more than eight hours).

So on Monday, I had to be at work at 6.30am and I dragged myself out of bed at 5.30am, moaning a little because, you know, even though it’s summer in this corner of the world, we’ve yet to have a full week of actual sun and warmth. And even though I’m up so damn early I don’t have coffee at home but rather at work, as I like to get there a little earlier just in case, and if there’s no case then I can finish waking up and sometimes also applying make-up and all that jazz, before the other people start come in.

I arrived at work at about 6.05am, even early for me. I made myself a mug of delicious plastic coffee and put it on the shelf of my desk reserved for my computer tower, a small safe, a bunch of wires and sometimes my knees. I settled, started up my computer, and promptly knocked over my untouched caffienated beverage.

Dear reader, it went errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrverywhere. Under the computer, under the safe, down the side of the desk, and onto the floor. I spent a good half hour mopping up, moving the PC, wiping it down, moving the safe, wiping it down – you get the idea. And instant coffee that is dried with the heat of the computer smells very gross.

I reach 1pm with little incident, until I return from my lunch break with another full cup.

A cup I actually finished

I know what you’re thinking.

No, I actually drank this one.

Til about it was about half.

I’m still not reeeeealllllly sure what happened, but I did try to catch it, in the hopes that I could get it upright again before it messed. Which totally explains why instead of flooding under the computer again, 200ml of (by now) cold coffee landed in my shoes.



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2 thoughts on “True Irony Interacts With Coffee

  1. After my hard day’s work, washed, fed and stil tired I sit down(with a cup of coffee, Douwe Egberts dark roast 1 spoon and 2 spoons of brown sugar with full cream milk, in a small mug, made perfect like that) to read this..peace of mind, i guess(or is it called blog?). Coffee is quite important to isn’t called “boere troos” for nothing. I can actually say I have empathy with you..and just have to share this story. I usually(not anymore after the incedent) made my coffee in the mornings and sit down in front of my computer reading all my friends facebook statusses. Well this particular morning I took a big gulp of coffee..not expecting a funny joke(funny enough..or is this where i can use the word “ironicly enough”? I can’t remember the joke at all). Well the joke was really funny, my mouth full of coffee and my poor laptop the the victim on which I sprayed it all! Well..stuff hapens. I just could have happend now again if there was a briliant joke in your piece. Luckily not, thanks for the read

    • I’m not sure if the last sentence compliments my blog or tells me it’s unfunny. Either way, thanks for the comment 🙂 Can’t say I’ve ever sprayed my screen with coffee but I guess sometimes it takes a few of us to ruin a full piece of equipment!

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