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True Irony is Such a Guy of a Figure

Did you know that Guy Fawkes is where the use of the word “guy” is from? Guy became used as an oddly dressed and misshapen person and eventually was adapted to its modern use. (Incidentally, “girl” used to refer to a young person of either sex.)


Guy Fawkes is painted as a hero today. He is anti-establishment. He is fighting for a cause. He’s – in a word – cool. You only have to look at appearances in modern literature and media. The popular (and a personal favourite) movie V for Vendetta, for example. 


I like this. Not just because I feel that the world would be a lot better off if most of our resources weren’t controlled by 1%. Not just because it’s an awesome movie and the 1812 by Tchaikovsky is one of my favouritist pieces of music. But Guy Fawkes is essentially a 15th century version of the Al Qaeda, and no one gives a damn. I guess the trick is to fail at being bad.


It’s really kind of funny.


Osama, you were just too good at what you did.


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