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True Irony is South African Government

Sooooo, the brilliant leaders have brought out, for the nth time, their Secrecy Bill, in the hopes that it’ll get passed and the citizens will be able to keep their noses out of their not-supposed-to-be-private business. It is indeed, as many are saying, a step backwards.

Let’s just forget for one tiny second that we are facing this guy and that South Africans, as people who end up paying for his absurd luxuries, have a real right to ask, just like the FNB ads, “Where does that come from?”

Let’s just forget about that example of abuse and corruption, shall we – it’ll just take a few minutes to sweep it under the carpet…

The government should be accountable for everything that they say and do and spend. Tax money goes towards (for example) funding roadworks. Now, if they shelled out 50g for fixing something, and it could have cost them 20g if they chose a company not owned by a family member… isn’t that something the people should be aware of? If a minister choses to use his or her government funded car to drive from Cape Town to Hermanus for a family weekend, isn’t that a form of theft? Taxpayers’ money going towards their private life?

Now, let’s bring the man with the house back into the equation. If he’s somehow getting his grubby little hands on millions of rands that he can’t explain, I do believe we all have a right to know.

Thank god for these people.


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