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True Irony is Fingers, Toes and Cold Weather

I have something called Raynaud’s Syndrome (or Phenomenon), which frankly is a pain in the butt. Or rather, fingers and toes.

Essentially if I get upset, cold, or experience a sudden temperature change in either direction, the blood vessels in my fingers and toes just shut down.

I’m incredibly lucky, because my attacks are relatively mild and at this point in my life more of an irritatant and minor discomfort than dangerous. You can see in the picture, as well as in the link, what a severe attack can look like, and I have never had any so severe. Even so, it’s incredibly frustrating, especially round bathtime.

I can’t put my foot into water that’s hotter than about 30 degrees, but my fingers doth protest too much if the water is much colder than 35.



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